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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

sovos tv 19 inch

Q: The LCD screen on my TV was broken accidentally. Can you fix it ?

A: Yes we can, just give SOVOS technical a call on 02920 866429 and we'll talk you through the whole return / repair process.

Q: Is a broken LCD panel covered under manufacturers warranty?

A: No. But it may be covered by an additional insurance policy you took out when you bought the set, or house insurance.

Q: Can I use my existing DVD/VHS recorder with my SOVOS TV to record programs?

A: Yes. Simply connect the DVD/VHS recorder to the SOVOS TV using a Full SCART cable. This will enable the DVD/VHS recorder to record any program watched. To play back the recorded programs, choose the SCART input and then press play on the DVD/VHS recorder.

Q: I can't seem to tune the Freeview Digital TV to receive any channels.

A: Check that reception is possible in your area, by contacting FREEVIEW on HYPERLINK "" or by telephone on 08708 80 99 80. Select LCD MENU and perform a scan of your local area by choosing the FUNCTION, 1st TIME INSTALATION. Check that the Analogue TV (ATV) is working normally. If in any doubt please phone SOVOS technical on 02920 866429.

Q: My remote control won't control the SOVOS TV any more.

A: Make sure that the power switch on the back of the set is set to ON and the red LED is lit. Check that the POWER button on the top of the set works normally. If it does, then the remote control may just have flat batteries. Replace the AAA batteries and re-try. If the remote still doesn’t work, test it using a webcam, if available. If the fault persists, contact the SOVOS technical dept on 02920 866429.

Q: The movie does NOT fill the whole screen.

A: The SOVOS TV tries to fill the screen with each signal it receives, so it depends entirely upon the format in which the film was recorded originally. To adjust the presentation upon the screen, press ASPECT on the remote control.

Q: The image from my PC is not quite centralized on the SOVOS TV.

A: Press “PC AUTO” when in the VGA input mode and with a computer attached. PC AUTO is the EJECT button on the top row of the remote control. This should resolve the problem, if not, then you can adjust settings after pressing LCD MENU on the remote control.

Q: My DVD won't play.

A: Check the disk is inserted the right way round, with the label facing forward to the front of the screen. Check the SOVOS TV is in DVD mode. Check another disk will play to isolate if the disc is damaged in any way.

Q: I want to go back to the DVD disk menu, but the LCD MENU button doesn't work.

A: That's correct, to access the DVD disk menu, press the D.MENU on the remote control for the Disk menu.

Q: I want to turn the DVD subtitles ON and OFF occasionally. How do I do this?

A: When in DVD mode, press the DVD SETUP button on the remote control and select the subtitle language option that you want to see, or alternatively choose OFF.

Q: I have lost my remote. Can I get a new one?

A: Yes. Just call SOVOS sales dept on 01276 855641 for a replacement.

Q: There's no aerial supplied with the SOVOS TV.

A: That's correct. A quality rooftop aerial is normally required for digital TV reception and that needs to be installed professionally. Just connect the SOVOS TV to your existing rooftop aerial, or have an aerial installer provide an aerial connection point where you want to view the SOVOS TV.

Q: Can the SOVOS TV be wall mounted?

A: Yes. Use the industry standard VESA fitting on the rear of the TV. It’s a 75mm VESA, so please be sure to get the right one from your distributor. Alternative call SOVOS sales for a SOVOS wall mount on 01276 855641.

Q: I have a tiny dark dot in the corner of my screen. What's this?

A: Nothing to worry about. The LCD screen is made up of 1.3 million dots or pixels. One pixel failure per year is not unusual and is a failure rate of 0.000078%.