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Warranty, Support & Returns Overview

The “Product Support Centre” Helpline number is 02920 866429 and is available to retailers, distributors and customers alike. Their hours of operation are 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

Experts are available to support all products within the SOVOS product range and will be available to respond to all technical and support questions.

Warranty and non-warranty repairs to equipment are undertaken at our repair facility in Caerphilly, Wales, using our extensive spare parts pool. Turn around times for repairs are targeted to be within seven working days, which is met at a 96% consistency level.

All products are sold with a year "Back to Base" warranty except accessories such as headphones and cases which have a one year warranty and rechargeable batteries which have a six month warranty.

Customer Support Process

The customer support process is broken down into two sub categories:

  • → 0-28 Days
  • → 28 Days to up to 1 year

0-28 Days (DOA)

Within 28 days of the customer receiving their product any customer or technical issues are defined as Dead on Arrival (DOA). The retailer or distributor is the primary contact to the customer for any DOA product, taking whatever actions and costs are required to replace any problematic units within their own statutory policies.

During the 0-28 day period, the Product Support Centre welcomes calls from customers, retailers or distributors to answer technical questions and offer advice necessary for best use of the products. Any specific advice given will be accompanied by a unique reference number for authentication and documentation.

In the case that the product is confirmed DOA (after confirmation by the Product Support Centre) SOVOS will back to back support the customer, retailer or distributor by providing a full credit or new replacement unit once the product has been returned to the Product Support Centre under the standard RMA procedure. The full credit or new replacement policy is subject to the unit passing the Product Repair Centre’s in-bound inspection to establish the validity of the warranty claim, i.e. establishing that it is not customer induced damage and confirming that all the accessories and packaging are returned in good condition.

Any missing components or customer induced damage will be charged back to the retailer or distributor or deducted from any credit note raised.

28 Days – 1 Year or 6 Months

Following the initial 28 day DOA period and up to the end of the one year warranty period (one year for accessories and six months for rechargeable batteries) all warranty and support requirements should be handled directly between the customer and Product Repair Centre. If a retailer or distributor wishes to front end this process an independent policy should be agreed in writing first.

The commencement date for both DOA and relevant warranty period starts from when the customer pays for the product. This is demonstrated by the customer’s receipt or invoice.

Product Returns

In the event of a return to the Product Support Centre a “Returns Merchandise Authorisation” (RMA) reference number must be sought directly from the Product Support Centre. This can be requested by phone, fax or e-mail:

Tel: 02920 866429
Fax: 02920 864280

The returns number (RMA XXXX) must be clearly marked on the outside of the consignment for identification purposes. All returns must be sent to:

Product Support Centre
Unit B, Caerphilly Business Park
Van Road
CF83 3ED

Items will be repaired or exchanged at the discretion of the repair facility in order to achieve an expedient return timescale. The cost of shipping the return to the Product Support Centre is to be borne by the customer. If a retailer or distributor returns product to the Product Support Centre this cost is to be borne by the retailer or distributor unless otherwise agreed between the Buyer and their SOVOS account manager in the agreed terms and conditions of business. If the fault is found to be a warranty issue the cost of shipping the item back to the customer will be met by the Product Support Centre. If the fault is found to be non-warranty based the customer will be charged for shipping the unit back to them.

A fully documented report accompanies each return shipment from the Product Support Centre, detailing the repairs performed per item.

Definition of Warranty / Non Warranty

Upon receipt of all RMA returns the Product Repair Centre perform an inbound inspection to verify the products and accessories returned to establish whether the return is to be classed as “Warranty” issue or a “Non-Warranty” repair.

All “Warranty” issue items will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer with a report.

Customers with “Non Warranty” units will be contacted with the details of the fault and its repair or replacement. The Centre offers the most economic solution for the customer with all costs, including return shipping, agreed with the customer in advance of works being completed.

Smashed Screen Notes

Smashed LCD screens are not covered by warranty as they are NOT a manufacturing defect. In order to assist with the identification of smashed screens before it becomes a return please see the “Smashed Screen Identification Document” which is available upon request. At the time of writing the repair charge for smashed LCD panels is:

  • → 8.5" LCD panel £55.00
  • → 10" LCD panel £65.00
  • → 15" LCD Panel £85.00
  • → 19" LCD Panel £95.00
  • → 22" LCD Panel £105.00

Labour to fit the LCD panel and perform the complete test suite is £13.00 regardless of panel size.

All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping and are from time to time subject to change dependent on material and labour costs. SOVOS will inform the customer, retailer or distributor of any updated costs.

Screen Pixel Notes

A normal 8.5" LCD panel contains 336,960 pixels. Larger screens have considerably more. Pixels can fail during normal product life. One pixel failure = 0.00003% failure rate or better. One pixel failure during each year of operation is considered normal and not a cause for concern or a warranty issue.

Contact Details

Product Support Centre
Unit B, Caerphilly Business Park
Van Road
CF83 3ED

Tel: 02920 866429
Fax: 02920 864280

SOVOS is a brand of Portable Multimedia Ltd Registered Company: 4038169 Returns/Warranty Tel: 02920 866429 E-mail: Sales Tel: 01276 855641